Jun 2, 2020


Update May 2020

Following on from the Month of April, Road Construction along the Spine road and linking into Broadway has been progressed with the installation of the new surface water carrier drain and associated connecting gully outlet pipes.  

Landscaping works continue at the Western end of the Spine Road, and the new Foxdenton Lane junction has been opened with cones and barriers removed

Demolition works has also commenced on Crossley Bridge within the period. Beams 1 and 2 have been carefully broken out (individually) and removed as planned. The mass reinforced concrete cover slab and Parapet wall has also been carefully removed as required.  Unfortunately, this work involves the use of mechanical pecking equipment which by its nature is noisy.

The existing Sewer pipe running through the bridge has been removed and replaced with a new pipe and manholes. During this time, there was no option but to “over pump” the Sewer whilst the works to the live sewer were taking place, specially designed Supersilent 6” pumps were used and acoustic barriers erected. The pumps have been switched off now the works have been completed.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused during this period regarding noise levels.

The bridge void created from the demolition works has been infilled with foam concrete up to road construction level and will be reinstated with Tarmac surfacing which will thereafter enable traffic to be temporarily  redirected onto this area  to be used as a temporary running lane.


Traffic management in the form of cones, barriers, signage etc continues to be in place to cordon off Lane 1 Northbound of the Broadway A663 and this is continuously being maintained 24 hours a day by the specialist site team. The traffic Management installation is adapted as required to allow access to certain areas of the works where necessary.


The Traffic flows continue to be monitored by TfGM.


On the West Side of Crossley Bridge, the works installing Street light cabling, ducting and new columns in line with the new road layout has progressed.


Traffic Signal ducting installation has also been completed and will later provide feed for the new permanent traffic light and traffic signals.


Also, on the West side of the bridge, all associated service diversions have been completed which as noted above has enabled Bridge Beams 1 and 2 to be removed.

The Western footpath has been formed and will be opened to the public during the month of June. This will enable closure of the Eastern footpath during the removal of beams 7 to 12.

Next Stage of the works June 2020

Broadway Junction;

Full reinstatement of Bridge beams 1 and 2 will be complete and new surfacing will be laid to enable traffic heading North to be diverted onto it, as a temporary running lane.

Following on from the first phase of the Crossley Bridge demolition, the works will continue in early June. Bridge Beams 7 and 12 on the East side will be removed in sequence (similar to Beams 1 and 2). The redundant services currently running within the bridge beam will also be removed at this time. The open void will then be backfilled using foam concrete up to the underside of road construction, following this Tarmac reinstatement will take place in order to re-open the lane to live traffic. Once the lane is reopened the traffic management will be switched to the next phase to allow further beams to be removed.

Works will progress along the Spine road completing the Surface water drainage and road construction.





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