Jul 2, 2020



Update June 2020

Following on from the Month of May, Road Construction along the Spine road and Broadway connection has been progressed with the completion of the new surface water carrier drain and associated connecting gully outlet pipes, kerbing to both sides of the Spine Road is about to commence.

Landscaping works continue along the new Spine Road.

The Bridge Demolition works on Broadway has also progressed well in the Month. The West side namely Beams 1 and 2 has been fully removed and full reinstatement of the carriage way has been completed including a temporary Tarmac running surface opened for live traffic diversion.

The West footpath has also strategically opened for public use, with the East side now being closed to allow site construction activities.

Works has commenced on the East side of Crossley bridge, starting with HV electric cable diversions and Virgin media cable diversions.

In addition, works continue to progress installing Street light cabling and ducting within the East side existing footpath. The ducting will feed the new street lighting columns once installed.

Traffic management in the form of cones, barriers, signage etc continues to be in place and has switched over to accommodate the next phase of works. Lane 1 Southbound of the Broadway A663 has been cordoned off whilst still maintaining 3 lanes running. The traffic Management installation is adapted as required to allow access to certain areas of the works where necessary.

The Traffic flows continues to be monitored by TfGM.


Next Stage of the works July 2020

Broadway Junction;

Works will progress during the next month focusing on the next stage of demolition of Bridge Beams 7 and 12 on the East side which will be removed in sequence (similar to Beams 1 and 2).

The redundant services currently running within the bridge beam will also be removed at this time. The open void will then be backfilled using foam concrete up to the underside of road construction, following this Tarmac reinstatement will take place in order to re-open the lane to live traffic. Once the lane is reopened the traffic management will be switched to the next phase to allow further beams to be removed.

Works will also during this time progress along the Spine road with the installation of kerbing and new services including Water main, telecoms and street lighting.

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