Nov 2, 2020



Update October 2020


S38 Spine road; Lydia Becker Way

Following on from the month of September, road construction along the Spine road and Broadway connection has progressed as planned.

Kerbing and tarmac surfacing and white lining has progressed.

Vehicle restraint barrier (collision barriers) along the adjacent verges up the Spine road have been installed.

Landscaping works along the verges of the Spine road continues in the month, installing fencing, excavating tree pits and top soiling areas in line with the landscaping scheme.


Broadway Junction

Work on Broadway has also progressed, as planned in the month.

Temporary kerb lines previously set in place to facilitate temporary lane running, have now been broken out and replaced with the new drainage kerbs in line with the design.

The two traffic Splitter Islands have been formed and tarmac surfaced.

Re-surfacing works including; planing off and relaying tarmac has been carried out during the recent weekends with reduced traffic down to two lane running to facilitate this.

White lining is progressing inline with the resurfacing works to the new road layout.

The traffic flows continue to be monitored by TfGM.


Next Stage of the works November 2020


S38 Spine road

Landscaping works will progress and include fencing, tree planting and hedgerow planting.


Broadway Junction;

Final tarmac surfacing works and white lining along Broadway to be completed.

Anti-Skid surfacing will be installed up to the pedestrian crossing (currently closed) in front of San Rocco.

Traffic signals will be installed including cabling, sensors and traffic lights in the coming weeks.

Traffic management will be removed with all four lanes back open to live traffic.

Landscaping and top soiling of verges will be complete.

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