Jul 2, 2019

Enabling Infrastructure works are progressing on the Phase 2B Broadway Crossley bridge section of the Broadway Green Development project. 

Progressing on from last months’ update, the construction works are continuously focusing on creating the extended section of the new Spine Road and associated embankment which will eventually tie into the new proposed Broadway junction. This activity involves taking excavated material from elsewhere on the development site and depositing it in the location of the embankment in structural layers. Large excavation equipment and heavy rollers are in use. 

Groundwater management and ground settlement monitoring continues during the works with no issues to date.


 Next Stage of Works.


Earthworks ground improvement works will progress as planned with the continuation of the new embankment construction to the southern side of the new proposed spine road. 

Drainage works will commence in the month of July. The existing combined sewer pipeline and associated manholes will be upgraded to withstand the extra load imposed by the new spine road construction, in particular the weight of the embankment that leads up to Broadway. 

Enabling works will progress for the piling operations by constructing a “stoned up” temporary access road and firming up of the current platform to ensure suitability for the Piling Rig.

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