Sep 30, 2019

September 2019 Update

Enabling Infrastructure works are progressing on the Phase 2B Broadway Crossley bridge section of the Broadway Green Development project. Recent activities include the following;

The Upgrading Works to the existing combined sewer are now complete and the existing Manhole structures will be now be built up in sequence with the Earthworks embankment infill to the height of the Crossley bridge deck / Broadway level. The upgrading works are to allow the sewer to withstand the extra loads imposed by the new spine road construction.

Piling Works under the existing bridge and in the area immediately outside of the bridge footprint are now complete and casting of the concrete transfer slabs at the lower level  is progressing .

Building of the new embankment that will accommodate the new Spine Road Link to Broadway has progressed in line with the programme and will now be left to allow activities associated with upfilling under the existing Crossley Bridge to be progressed .

A new Temporary close boarded fence has now been installed on the East Side of Crossley Bridge for the duration of the works.

Next stages of works.

Earthwork works will recommence as planned with the continuation of the new embankment construction to the southern side of the new proposed spine road.

The Lower level concrete transfer Slab spanning under the Bridge will be now be constructed and the void between the low-level transfer slab and the underside of the existing bridge deck will be infilled with Concrete.

Approximately 3000m3 of pumped foam concrete will be infilled under the bridge.

Band Drainage will be installed in specific areas to control existing groundwater.

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