Dec 3, 2019

November 2019 Update


Update Nov 2019

Excellent progress has been maintained over the past month or so during the Foam concrete void infill works directly under the Crossley bridge. The levels are now up to the existing bridge beam structure height.

Over 3,000m3 of Foam concrete has been imported and directionally pumped to the required areas.  Any further placement of concrete to the bridge void will now strategically be postponed until  traffic management is in place on Broadway . The remaining foam concrete is to be placed when the bridge decks are removed.

Earthworks operations have recently recommenced with material being placed to form permanent works in the construction of the embankment of the new Spine Road leading up to its interconnection with Broadway

BT Openreach have commenced the Cable diversion works in parts where access is possible. The remaining works will be complete once TM is setup on Broadway.  As part of the ongoing BT Openreach diversion works a temporary footway has been formed along the front of Broadway to maintain access for residents fronting onto Broadway

Next stages of the works

Earthworks operations will progress and engineered fill will continue to be placed insitu to continue construction of the new Spine Road embankment up to Broadway.

Concrete service troughs will be installed on both the East and West side flanks of the bridge in preparation to divert the existing utility services away from the existing Bridge structure. This will then enable the careful phased decommissioning of the bridge to commence.

Permanent edging kerbs will be installed to the back of the new proposed footpath along the West side of Broadway and temporary kerb lines will be installed to facilitate temporary vehicle running lanes for Broadway traffic.


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