Mar 4, 2020

Update February 2020



Update February 2020


Continuing from the month of January, the Earthworks operations have gradually progressed, with material being placed to further construct the embankment of the new Spine Road to its eventual interconnection with Broadway.


Recent adverse weather has intermittently affected progress of this work in the period.


Traffic management in the form of cones, barriers, signage etc continue to cordon off Lane 1 Northbound of the Broadway A663 and will continuously be maintained 24 hours a day by the specialist site team.


The Traffic Management proposals have been developed in conjunction with the various regulatory bodies including Highways England, OMBC, the Police and Fire Service. The current setup is being monitored by TfGM daily.


Broadway is temporarily restricted down to 3-lane running and only the east side footpath is open during this phase of works. Apologies for any unavoidable disruption caused.


On the west side of Crossley Bridge hard landscaping works ie kerbing and surfacing continue to progress on the footpath as part of the new proposed junction alterations. Some of this work will gradually combine with temporary kerb lines to facilitate temporary vehicle running lanes for Broadway traffic.


A proportion of new permanent street lighting columns have been installed and will eventually replace the old existing columns.


Works have progressed with the service diversions along Broadway in line with the new proposed footpath / road layout. United Utilities are currently onsite progressing with the water main diversion on the west side. These works have been delayed due to the emergency works United Utilities have had to deal with in other areas of the country due to the recent storms.


BT Openreach are also well underway diverting their cable and overheads lines.


Next Stage of the works March 2020


Earthworks operations will progress up to finish road formation.  


Progression of the remaining ENW (electricity mains) and Virgin Media service diversions on the west side of Broadway will be installed to the new junction layout.


Combined permanent and temporary kerbing / edgings will be completed to form the new footpath and road layout.


Surfacing of the new temporary western footpath will be progressed.


Diversion of an existing 375mm United Utilities sewer that conflicts with the new junction is to be progressed.


Further formation of the Spine road will progress next month continuing from the previous phases progressing with the SW drainage installation and road construction.

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