Eaves Lane & Foxdenton Junction Remodelling at Broadway

Mar 19, 2018

Temporary Crossing Points will be in place at the Eaves Lane & Foxdenton Lane junctions for a period of 25 weeks from April 2018.

Broadway Green Development 

Eaves Lane & Foxdenton Lane - Junction Remodelling at Broadway

The roadworks will affect the traffic islands and crossing points at the junction of Foxdenton Lane and Eaves Lane from April 2018 for a period of 25 weeks.

Temporary crossing points will be in place.


For those attending Newman RC College:

Students who wish to walk down Eaves Lane are advised to cross Broadway using the the Pelican crossing outside the side gate of the college.

For further information and a picture illustrating the temprary crossing points, please click here: Newman_-_temporary_proposals_final.pdf

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